Vert Mont Perfumery∞ is an artisanal fragrance studio in the Mad River Valley of Vermont where our scents are designed, blended and bottled by hand. Our botanical perfumes are made with pure plant essences from around the world, which are organic, wild-crafted, or pesticide-free. Our perfumes are carried in a 20% dilution oil blend combining organic Sweet Almond and Jojoba oils.

The guiding principle behind Vert Mont Perfumery∞ is to translate the magical language of plants into a human experience. Our perfumes consider the morphology of a plant, where we blend pure essences from root, seed/fruit, wood/resin, leaf/herb and flower. Each of the essences is chosen to complement a specific human experience.

Our wellness line is SOMA-body, PSYCHE-mind, EROS-desire, ANIMA-spirit, COR-heart.

We have expanded into seasonal fragrances and a men’s cologne.

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  1. Patti


    I LOVE your scents. For all the reasons you make them. Have been wearing them for several months now and still can not choose a favorite. Hope to experience each and every one over time. And thank you for excellent customer service as wll.

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