The guiding principle behind Vert Mont Perfumery∞ is to translate the magical language of plants into a human experience. Our perfumes consider the morphology of a plant, where we blend pure essences from root, seed/fruit, wood/resin, leaf/herb and flower. We formulate with special attention to the power of each essence. Botanicals are chosen to complement specific human experiences.

From Earth to Seed

Fragrance has been around as long as man-kind, therefore most likely it is here to stay. We now know aromas will not only enhance mood, they can be medicinal, healing, and can support our emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

Organic Perfume Oils from Vermont

Here at VMP our goal is to create botanical fragrances that will allow you to experience pure essence of nature’s bounty and in the process will not harm you or our planet. We pledge to use only the purest of ingredients in our formulas, organic, wildcrafted or pesticide-free essential and carrier oils and organic alcohol. When you acquire one of our scents you can rest assured that there are no synthetic ingredients in any of them.

Our minimal packaging represents a work of art that was created from renewable materials, glass bottles, bio-stone paper labels, post-consumer recycled paper and canvas cotton bags. All of our packaging can be either recycled or reused.

We selected BioStone labels which are biodegradable and fully compostable, including the adhesive, and are not made from trees or petrochemicals. The labels are made from powdered stone. We  have chosen Miron Violet glass because it offers optimal protection against the harmful effects  of light. Miron violet glass increases the shelf life of our products and prolongs their potency.  Our Hand-stamped cotton bags can be re-used as well.Essential Oil Perfumes from Vermont

Our oils are mixed and poured by hand in small batches to guarantee the quality of each bottle produced. We source our oils from responsible and sustainable producers who carefully select the highest quality ingredients from around the world.











Disclaimer: Statements made about our fragrances are for educational purposes only, and are not intended to prescribe, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition. This information is simply the educational opinion of Aromatics International and Aromatics International INC.