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Tune into core emotions with this fusion of Sweet Orange, Vetiver, Rosewood, Cypress & Moroccan Rose Absolute.

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Tune into core emotions with this fusion of Sweet Orange, Vetiver, Rosewood, Cypress & Moroccan Rose Absolute.

Size: 10 ML
Ingredients: Sweet Orange, Vetiver, Rosewood, Cypress & Moroccan Rose Absolute.
Packaging: Roll on fragrance, comes in eco friendly cotton bag with description card. Packaged in Miron glass ultra violet bottle. Hand Made in Vermont.
Directions: Recommended to apply to neck for long lasting affect. Can be applied to neck, chest, wrists or any of the pulse points.

Benefits of the botanicals used in COR

Sweet Orange Oil can alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress, anger and nervousness. It has sedative properties and it can boost mood. Inhaling this oil can promote feelings of relaxation and happiness. This oil is also a mild aphrodisiac. It can increase libido and decrease the feeling being disinterested in sex.

Moroccan Rose Absolute Oil has anti depressant, sedative, and antispasmodic properties. It can relieve feelings of anxiety and stress.

Rosewood Oil has anti depressant properties and it can aid in keeping the nervous system functioning properly. Inhaling this oil can relieve headaches and it keep you focused, alert while improving your memory. This oil also has mild aphrodisiac benefits.

Vetiver oil is grounding, calming and balancing for the mind, body and soul. It has antispasmodic, antiseptic, and sedative properties. Inhaling this oil can help keep the central nervous system healthy. It can eliminate feelings of stress, nervousness, fear, and anxiety.
It can also boost immune system function.

Cypress oil has sedative and antispasmodic properties. It has a relaxing and calming effect on mind, body and soul. This oil is excellent for the respiratory system. It can open up the airways and increase the efficiency of the lungs.

Cor is a wonderful fragrance that is young and vibrant. NOT your grandmother’s rose! It was a challenge for me to formulate a rose fragrance, but a heart fragrance must possess a rose component for healing and opening emotions. The trick was to design without the powdery matronly scent which we accomplished. The vetiver and rosewood balance and tame the rose with a citrus finish.

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  1. Karen

    Wonderful scent. Perfect for winter

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