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TOPDOG Fur Freshener botanical deodorizing and grooming spray for man's best friend. For a fresh clean fragrant scent that's not a perfume.

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TOPDOG was developed for a client with a pet spa that was looking for a fragrant scent that was not a doggie cologne or perfume. We developed a scent incorporating essential oils that are safe for dogs and have therapeutic properties. Carrot seed and rosehip seed oil are great for skin, fur and hair. Cedar, Ginger, Bergamot, Sweet orange, and Lavender with a touch of Eucalyptus to discourage fleas and ticks. We use a very small amount of alcohol free witch hazel and vegetable glycerin as well. All and all it is a lovely fresh scent that makes your pup smell fresh between trips to the pet spa or whenever you want!

Please be very careful when shopping for fragrant products for your pup. Fragrance oils are chemicals are NOT essential oils which are pure plant materials. Only essential oils that are deemed safe for canines should be used in a safe dilution for canines. Pink or green liquids may look pretty, but your pup deserves to be safe from the toxins associated with synthetic fragrances.

We like to shake before use because we do not add additional emulsifiers to the formula. Then put one hand over your doggy’s eyes if spraying the head and spray as much or little as you wish. Rub through giving your buddy a full body rub that they love. We suggest following by a little brushing or combing to further penetrate the carrot and rose hip seed oils in the formulation that are so great for skin, hair and fur.

Just a heads up our human friends love it too and use it as a deodorant spray!

Sizes: 2 FL OZ or 4 FL OZ
Ingredients: Carrot seed oil, rosehip seed oil, Himalayan cedar, Lavender, Bergamot, Sweet orange, silver fir, ginger, Eucalyptus, distilled water, organic witch hazel, cedrus juniperis, and geranium.
Packaging: Black spray bottle with gold top. Hand Made in Vermont.
Directions: Spray onto dog’s coat after grooming or bathing. Can be used to freshen up coat in between grooming’s and bathing.

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