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Benefits of EROS


An elegant notion of a love potion. Dare to wear it. Mandarin, Coriander, Orris Root, Patchouli, Juniper & Jasmine. Sweet Almond & Jojoba oil. Our best selling PERSONAL DESIRE fragrance is filled with essential oils thought to be aphrodisiacs.14642092_1399424010072234_6648727319894161134_n

Benefits of the botanicals used in EROS

Red Mandarin oil removes feelings of stress and anxiety. It’s a relaxing oil that can relieve nervousness. Inhaling this oil can help regulate breathing by opening the airways.

Juniper oil can have a stimulating effect on the mind, body and soul. It can stimulate all activities in the body. This oil can also relieve feelings of nausea, dizziness, and exhaustion.

Orris root oil has antidepressant properties and relieves stress,anxiety and mental fatigue. It is uplifting and can have a soothing effect on the mind, body, and soul.

Coriander oil stimulates and warms the body. It can stimulate hormone, enzymes, Brian function and nervous system activity. It is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. This oil also has anti depressant and uplifting properties.

Patchouli oil has anti depressant properties and is an aphrodisiac. It’s great for treating low libido, disinterest in sex, sexual anxiety, and boosts sex drive.

Jasmine Sambac oil is uplifting and can have a positive effect on mood. It can boost self confidence, diminish negative thoughts, feelings and insecurities. This oil also has many aphrodisiac properties.

We have taken our best selling Eros perfume and made it into a Solid Perfume!


There is something absolutely wonderful and sensual about rubbing your fingers over a solid perfume. Slip it into jeans pocket or toss into your purse without the risk of spillage.

Applying a solid scent is easy and can be done anywhere without getting noticed as “applying perfume”. Solid scents have ancient origins and I so wanted to create a solid that would incorporate the history of scenting only you. As with our other perfumes EROS solid perfume will never announce your arrival. It is for you and your very close circle, maybe someone who hugs you. It will not permeate your surroundings and never be offensive or overpowering to others.

Benefits of the Vermont Organic Beeswax used in our EROS Solid Perfume

Vermont Organic Beeswax is has antibacterial, anti inflammatory properties. ┬áIt’s hydrating and it has a high concentration of vitamin A. Beeswax is calming and soothing when applied topically and it can help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. It will not suffocate or clog your pores, and it can help heal and protect your skin. It has a natural rich honey smell, which is calming and uplifting to the mind, body and soul.