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Benefits of Jasmine Sambac


In our blends we use wild crafted, organic and pesticide free ingredients to make our products.  There are many benefits to all of the essential oils that we use in our blends, but today we are highlighting Jasmine Sambac.  Jasmine Sambac is used in our most popular fragrance Eros.  Since the launch of our wellness line, everyone has loved Eros.  We expanded our product line to include and Eros massage cream and a solid perfume.  Out of all of the essential oils used in Eros, Jasmine Sambac is widely recognized as the “King of Oils” and it has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits.  



Jasmine Sambac is a tropical flower that has a distinct sweet and heady fragrance. It belongs to the wide genus species of Jasmines (Jasminums). Jasmine Sambac is native to South Asia, but it has been used all over the world for thousands of years.  The ancient Egyptians and Grecians used it for aromatherapy and as an aphrodisiac, the Chinese use it for their teas, and the Indians used it for its healing ability. Edit 


Today it is still widely used for its health benefits.  Modern research has proven that there are many health benefits of Jasmine Samba.  The aroma of Jasmine Sambac can have a positive impact on your health.  

– Uplifting

– Promotes calmness and positivity 

– Aphrodisiac 

– Improves mood 

– Increase alertness 

– Relives stress 

– Anti-Depressent

– Supports healthy cardiovascular system 

– Can increase blood oxygen levels