Fall’s Finest: Vert Mont Perfumery’s Autumn Scents

As the leaves cascade in a symphony of reds and golds, and the air takes on a crisp, invigorating quality, it’s time to immerse yourself in the warm and enchanting scents of fall. Vert Mont Perfumery invites you to explore our Fall Picks—a captivating array of fragrances designed to transport you to the heart of this magical season.

1. CYRENA • Autumn Royalty Unveiled
Gardenia & Magnolia Grandiflorum open to Tonka Glazed Green Cacao, finishing with a leathery Labdanum Amber. Immerse yourself in the opulence of fall with Cyrena, where the richness of Gardenia and Tonka is balanced by the warmth of Labdanum Amber. Choose your autumn persona—Mischievous Mermaid, Sovereign Queen, or Playful Princess—and let the scents of fall embrace your inner riches.

2. COR • Core Emotions Unlocked
Cor captures the essence of fall emotions—a harmonious blend of Blood Orange, earthy Rum Khus Vetiver, woodsy notes of Cypress and Rosewood embraces the timeless allure of Moroccan Rose. It’s a modern bouquet that resonates with the vitality and warmth of autumn.

3. DAMEUSE • Uplifting Autumn Winds
Inspired by freshly groomed winter trails, this aromatherapeutic scent invites you on an uplifting journey. Feel the crispness of chamomile, the zest of orange quartet, and the grounding essence of black spruce, perfectly capturing the invigorating spirit of autumn.

4. THEAVES • Autumn’s Immune Shield
Atlas Cedar, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Lemon. As the seasons change, support your well-being with Theaves. Crafted with our unique blend of essential oils known for their health benefits. This scent serves as nature’s shield, protecting you during the seasonal transitions.

5. VÉRITÉ • Sensual Forest Stroll
Vérité takes you on a sensual journey through a forest adorned in fall hues. Citrus and immortelle dance with the earthy notes of agarwood and oakmoss, creating a scent that mirrors the depth and beauty of autumn.

6. BAY RUM VERT • A Toast to Autumn’s Return
Welcome the return of a classic with Bay Rum Vert—a refreshing blend that echoes the spirit of Vermont’s autumn. Immerse yourself in the scent of maple cask rum, zesty green citrus, aromatic allspice berries and settling in an exotic blue cypress.

7. VMP’s 11 PACK • Experience the Symphony of Autumn
Indulge in the entire scent collection with our exclusive 11 Pack! Experience all 11 fragrances, including our 5 wellness perfumes and seasonal colognes in 1.5 ML Trial Vials. Over 16ML of pure fall magic to layer, mix, and open yourself to the beauty of all our scents.

As you experience the crisp air and vibrant hues of autumn, let Vert Mont Perfumery be the enchanting epilogue to this seasonal tale. With each fragrance serving as a poetic note in the symphony of autumn, our scents invite you to linger a little longer in the embrace of nature’s transition.





Note: Always perform a patch test before applying any fragrance directly to the skin.