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Be Fearless with FLEURTY


FLEURTY was named by our flower diva Nina, who owns an amazing floral design boutique in Waterbury Vermont. Nina and I were brainstorming about a great name for a floral scent. We loved the play on words of being flirty and our homage to French tradition in perfumery. Our personalities come alive when we can be creative AND girls having fun.

This fragrance is about releasing negative thoughts, believing in yourself, being confident and with that comes no fear. Some might say anti-anxiety, but I prefer to say…Be fearless with Fleurty!

This heady floral of Lily, Pink Lotus, and Honeysuckle is grounded by Botanical Musk, Amber, and Oud, kissed with Violet and topped with Bergamot. Exude confidence, be fearless!

Benefits of the essential oils used in FLEURTY

Lily oil relieves tension and has anti anxiety and anti depressant properties. It can create a sense of happiness and confidence. It can also create a sense of well being and security.

Pink Lotus oil can increase peace and tranquility emotionally and physically. It is very soothing for the soul and it can help regulate breathing. This oil increases the ability of the mind and body to connect.

Honeysuckle oil can boost mood and increase positivity. It eased pain and can promote calmness. It is an uplifting oil that has a positive effect on the mind,body,and soul.

Botanical Musk– a combination of luscious resins, oils and concretes created by me!

Amber oil has anti anxiety and anti depressant properties. It can relieve stress and promote uplifting thoughts and increase confidence. Inhaling this oil can have a very positive effect on the mind,body, and soul.

Oud (Agar Wood) oil can help relieve anxiety. it is very calming and relaxing. It helps in eliminating negative thoughts.

Violet oil relieves headaches and stress. It promotes open breathing and a sense of calmness. It helps the mind relax.

Bergamot oil has anti anxiety and anti depressant properties. It is uplifting and can decrease negative thoughts. Inhaling this oil can increase energy levels and can increase mental stimulation.



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