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How To Smell a Natural

In Five Easy Steps


Smelling and experiencing a natural perfume/fragrance is very different than smelling a mainstream commercial perfume. When smelling a mainstream fragrance it is perfectly okay to smell it right out of the bottle, or on a tester. This is because most perfumes smell the same out of the bottle as it would on your skin. This is because most mainstream perfumes are made of synthetic aroma compounds. Most perfumes rarely contain all pure essential oils. Theoretically natural and commercial are made up in a classical french formulation of a top, middle, and base notes. There are different layers in a natural perfume, as well as a mainstream but there is a method of smelling a natural.

So how do you smell a natural?


1. You must apply the perfume on the skin. Never ever smell a natural perfume out of the bottle. Unlike commercial scents, which smell the same on you as they do out of the bottle, natural perfumes have different layers that become unveiled when put on the skin.

2. Once you have rolled a natural perfume on your skin, let the perfume work with your skin chemistry. Wait 30 seconds, then smell.

3. Let the natural perfume unfold and work with you, before deciding if you like it or not. A common experience among the people who have tried our natural fragrances is that they smell one layer, then 10 seconds later they smell another scent, and then another!

4. Be patient and open to smelling different natural perfumes. You never know which formulation might work best with you!

5. Be wary of the much overused word natural. Read very carefully if you can, to make sure you are actually smelling pure botanicals. If you see the phrase fragrance oil you know it’s chemical!

So next time you try on natural perfumes make sure to follow this guideline, but more importantly have fun and enjoy the experience!