Beat the winter blues with Dameuse! An uplifting fragrance for the winter season.  Our goal was to create a fragrance that would address the long dark cold winter months and give the wearer a revitalizing feeling.  Opens with Chamomile, moves to an Orange Quartet, then comes Yuzu, Hyssop and is grounded in Black Spruce and Balsam of Peru, in addition to many bridge notes. Dameuse is French for snow grooming machine.  Creating a scent that has power to forge a path,  yet open and inviting as a freshly groomed trail was the goal

Ingredients: Chamomile trio of German, Roman, and Blue, moves on to an orange quartet, then comes yuzu, hyssop and is grounded in Black Spruce and Balsam of Peru in addition to many bridge notes.

Directions: Recommended to apply to neck for long lasting affect. Can be applied to neck, chest, wrists or any of the pulse points.


Benefits of the botanicals used in Dameuse:

Hyssop is a balancing oil that can evoke a purifying and warming feeling. It can also be used to support a healthy immune system. It is a very spiritual oil that can stimulate mediation and creativity. This oil is also known to be very emotionally calming.

Roman Camomile posseses a blue color called Azulene, which has potent anti-inflammatory antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.

Yuzu is emotionally calming and can rid you of negative feelings. This oil can help support a healthy digestion system and immune system. It is thought to have a detoxifying effect on the body.

Black pepper is stimulating and mentally energizing oil. It also encourages you to let go of negative feelings . Known to relieve mental fatigue, it supports a healthy digestive system and is spiritually healing. Relieving muscle and nerve discomfort are added benefits.

Sandalwood is known to be a spiritual oil that can awaken your senses. Sandalwood is also known to relieve depression and anxiety. Supporting a healthy immune system, it is also an astringent and antiseptic. Sandalwood is naturally relaxing and induces calmness and positivity.

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