At Vert Mont Perfumery, we take great pride in our commitment to sustainability. As a small, family-owned business, we believe that it’s our responsibility to do our part to protect the planet, and that’s why we carefully source all of our ingredients from sustainable sources. We only use the highest quality materials in our products and we use eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible.

From the selection of ingredients to the packaging and shipping process, we pay close attention to every detail in the creation of our products to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. As a mother and daughter team, we believe that our customers deserve only the best, and we work tirelessly to ensure that every product that leaves our studio is of the highest quality.



At Vert Mont Perfumery, we are proud to offer all-natural fragrances and skincare products.  Our commitment to purity and sustainability means that all of our products are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, fillers, GMOs, gluten, animal products, toxins, chemical emulsifiers, and other potentially harmful ingredients that are often found in mainstream beauty products.

We believe that what you put on your skin matters, and that’s why we use only the purest, highest quality botanical ingredients sourced from nature. Our products are free from any animal testing and are cruelty-free. We believe in using only natural and  unadulterated ingredients that are gentle on your skin as well as the environment. You can trust our products and feel confident using them on your skin every day.

Whether you’re looking for a new fragrance that captures the essence of nature or a gentle, nourishing skincare product that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple, Vert Mont Perfumery has your best interests at heart.  Our oils are mixed and poured by hand in small batches to guarantee the quality of each bottle produced. We source our oils from responsible producers who carefully select the highest quality ingredients from around the world.


We use ultraviolet glass bottles for our fragrances and our packaging is made from post-consumer recycled paper and cotton bags that can be either recycled or reused. We have chosen Miron Violet glass because it offers optimal protection against the harmful effects of light, which increases the shelf life of our products and prolongs their potency. We hand-stamp our cotton bags and they can be re-used as well.

If you’re looking for all-natural, organic, and pure skincare products and fragrances, you can feel good about choosing Vert Mont Perfumery. With our commitment to sustainability, attention to detail, and focus on natural ingredients, we’re confident that our products will become your go-to source for all of your beauty needs.


Thank you for choosing Vert Mont Perfumery, we can’t wait to share our love for natural beauty with you.