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VMP Top Gift Picks

Tess’ Top Picks: VMP Gifts for the Holiday Season

At Vert Mont Perfumery we have vegan, organic, botanical apothecary products that are hand crafted in Vermont.  Our products are for everyone, but I have hand selected some of our most popular apothecary products for women and men.  

Top Picks for Women 

Womens Sample Pack with all 10 fragrances!

The Women’s Sample Pack includes Soma, Psyche, Anima, Eros, Cor, Fleurty, Dameuse, Verite, Houblon, and Ekspelle. This is the perfect way to get to know our fragrances.  This sample pack comes in a hand stamped bag with our top picked of fragrances for women.  It also comes with a description card of the fragrances.  This sample pack makes a fabulous gift! Help her find her signature scent!  Click Here to Purchase 


Full Size Fragrances



Eros  An elegant notion of a love potion. Dare to wear it. Mandarin, Coriander, Orris Root, Patchouli, Juniper & Jasmine. Sweet Almond & Jojoba oil. Our best selling PERSONAL DESIRE fragrance is filled with essential oils thought to be aphrodisiacs. Click Here to purchase



Fleurty This fragrance is about releasing negative thoughts, believing in yourself, being confident and with that comes no fear. Some might say anti-anxiety, but I prefer to say…Be fearless with Fleurty! This heady floral of Lily, Pink Lotus, and Honeysuckle is grounded by Botanical Musk, Amber, and Oud, kissed with Violet and topped with Bergamot. Exude confidence, be fearless! Click Here to purchase




Cor Tune into core emotions with this fusion of Sweet Orange, Vetiver, Rosewood, Cypress & Moroccan Rose Absolute in a carrier blend of sweet Almond and Jojoba oils. Click Here to Purchase 


All Fragrances are available in Full Size.  To purchase a full size fragrances or fragrances Click Here to visit our Etsy Shop!

Neroli Body Nectar



A great gift choice for anyone on your list, our body nectar doubles as a massage oil with a delicious neroli rose scent and nourishing oils of organic sweet almond, coconut, and kakui.  This luscious nectar will give your skin a healthy glow and leave it feeling silky smooth! Click Here to Purchase

Neroli Nectar Face Serum 


It’s rich anti oxidants, Vitamin A,C and E.  It also helps improve the skin’s epidermal lipids, water barrier, skin elasticity, can help reduce dryness and redness.  Our skin serum is nourishing and healing with Organic Oils of Meadowfoam, Camillia, Tamanu Nut, Essential Oils of Rosehip Seed, Carrot Seed, Black Cumin, Organic Neroli, and Moroccan Rose Absolute.  The nectar is a great anti-inflammatory, has anti aging benefits, and can also help reduce UV damage. Click Here to Purchase




Our Neroli Nectar Duo  makes a great gift! The Neroli Nectar Duo includes the Neroli Body Nectar and Neroli Nectar Face Serum. Our non greasy easily adsorbable formulas will give your skin a healthy glow throughout the winter season! Click Here to Purchase



Premium Skin trio 

Give the gift of a spa treatment with our Skin Trio! This Skin Trio includes Serenity Scrub , Neroli Nectar Face Serum and Ménage à Tonic toner/make up remover.  Our serenity Scrub is a soap less face wash that washes away dirt and grim and leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth.  It also doubles as a detoxifying face mask!  Our Neroli Nectar is a luscious face serum that is rich anti oxidants, Vitamin A,C and E.  Ménage à Tonic is our three way tonic that works as an eye make-up remover, facial toner, & aftershave.  It can remove make up or be used as a refreshing toner.  The skin trio is for all skin types and it will not clog pours or leave skin feeling greasy.  Click Here to Purchase



Top Picks For Men 

Mens Fragrance Sample Pack



The Mens Fragrance Sample Pack includes Cor, Ekspelle, Houblon, IPA N°5, Vertite. It also includes a one page description of all of the fragrances. This is a great gift! It is a good way to get to know our more masculine fragrances.  Help him find his signature scent! Click Here to Purchase


Full Size Fragrances 


Vérité, our woodsy cologne. The meaning in french is truth, without pretense and unadulterated. More than 20 oils are included. Our woodsy cologne includes notes of Citrus, Immortelle & Coriander. Vérité takes you on a forest walk with Agarwood and Balsam, then settles you with Green Cognac, Oakmoss, Nicotiana, and numerous other forest notes. Click Here to Purchase


A Beer Lovers Best Friend Fragrances     


HOUBLON-D-STRESS Spring into Stress free days and nights with HOUBLON, Our HOPS fragrance. Ingredients: Hints of Grapefruit & Neroli, a heart of Hops, Davana, & Lemongrass, with a base of Oud, Sandalwood & several other notes. Click Here to Purchase 



IPA N °5


IPA N °5 Made with a hops heart note, it has a light fresh citrusy scent. West Indian sandalwood ground this fragrance that is great for men. VMP has a Vermont inspired fragrance that celebrates the craft beers of this wonderful state! We call it IPA N°5. HOUBLON, our other hops fragrance is a more elegant scent, but IPA N°5 makes it’s way as an edgy alternative. Enjoy this IPA and be the designated driver. This can be your one for the road.  Click Here to Purchase 



Tune into core emotions with this fusion of Sweet Orange, Vetiver, Rosewood, Cypress & Moroccan Rose Absolute.  This Fragrance is apart of our Wellness Line.  It was made to be a gender neutral fragrance, as all of our fragrances are, but it has become very popular fragrance for men.  It has a woodsy, smokey essence to it that finishes with a soft rosewood and sweet orange.  Click Here to Purchase


Debonair Dude Beard Oil

beard oilNeed a gift for the Debonair Dude in your life? Our Debonair Dude Beard Oil is the perfect gift for him! This beard oil was formulated to condition, moisturize, replenish and nourish your beard. Ingredients are: Organic Oils of Sweet Almond, Hemp, Kakui, Marula, Coconut, and Vegetable Glycerin with essential oils of Vetiver, Rosewood, and Cypress.  Application: Apply 2-3 drops on hands and throughly rub into beard. Use after showering or after washing face.  Click Here to Purchase!


Top Dog 

il_570xN.888287556_byrfTOPDOG is our fur freshener  that will leave your dogs coat feeling smooth and smelling great! TOPDOG was developed for a client with a pet spa that was looking for a fragrant scent that was not a doggie cologne or perfume. We developed a scent incorporating essential oils that are safe for dogs and have therapeutic properties. Carrot seed and rosehip seed oil are great for skin, fur and hair. Cedar, Ginger, Bergamot, Sweet orange, and Lavender with a touch of Eucalyptus to discourage fleas and ticks. We use a very small amount of alcohol free witch hazel and vegetable glycerin as well. All and all it is a lovely fresh scent that makes your pup smell fresh between trips to the pet spa or whenever you want!  This Gift is perfect for any dog lover!  Click Here to Purchase

Top Picks for Everyone

Stocking stuffers

il_570xN.829931726_f1nlWe have two beautifully packaged sample sizes of two of our most popular fragrances Eros and Fleurty.  Fleurty is our anti anxiety fragrance.  This heady floral of Lily, Pink Lotus, and Honeysuckle is grounded by Botanical Musk, Amber, and Oud, kissed with Violet and topped with Bergamot. Exude confidence, be fearless!  Eros is a lovely fragrance that is full of passion!   An elegant notion of a love potion, we like to say. Dare to wear it. Ingredients include Red Mandarin, Coriander, Orris Root, Patchouli, Juniper & Jasmine Sambac.  Eros and Fleurty sample sizes make great stocking stuffers, party favors or hostess gifts! 

Click Here to Purchase EROS

Click Here to Purchase FLEURTY 

Raw Caco Lip Balm 


This rich and restorative formulation will leave your lips feeling smooth and hydrated!  It’s filled with anti oxidants, omegas ,fatty acids and it will help your lips look and feel healthy. And it  smells amazing too! Ingredients Raw Cacao, Raw Cacao Butter, Vermont Beeswax, Coconut Oil, and  Cocao Absolute.  Click Here to Purchase