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Wake up your Face!

Serenity Scrub (shown with coffee grounds)

Serenity Scrub is our 2 in 1 cleanser and mask. Serenity Scrub is a gentle exfoliant for all skin types! SERENITY SCRUB will remove dirt and dead skin, improve circulation, pull out toxins, unclog pores and it will make your skin feel silky smooth! VMP tip: add a pinch of organic ground coffee into SERENITY SCRUB for a stronger exfoliating effect.


Did you know using a pinch of organic coffee grounds will:
-Caffeine improves circulation, reduces redness & has natural anti-inflammatory properties
-Tightens & smoothes skin
-Has anti-inflamatory properties
-It is rich in anti-oxidants
-Remove dirt & dead skin cells



Benefits of the ingredients used in Serenity Scrub

Moroccan Rhassoul Clay*
-Full of minerals that are nourishing for the skin
-Improve skin texture, improves skin elasticity / firmness
-Reduces dryness/flakiness
-Improve skin clarity

After using the Serenity Scrub + Organic Coffee Grounds my skin is glowing and it feels smooth, firm & healthy!
Serenity Scrub + Organic Coffee Grounds

Kaolin Clay* 
-Has unique phyto-nutrients & minerals help eliminate toxins & oily skin
-Cleanses & detoxifies skin when applied topically
-Reduces the production sebrum

-Reduces oily skin
-Removes dead skin & help it regenerate

Collodial Oatmeal*
-Healing & 

nourishing to the skin
-Eliminate blemishes,fine lines, & skin discoloration

Sandalwood Powder*
-A natural astringent
-Helps tighten & tone skin

-Reduces oily skin
-Removes blemishes

Rose petal Powder*
-Balances PH of your skin

-Has astringent & antibacterial properties
-Naturally tightens & tones skin

Essential Oils:

Serenity Scrub

Rose Oil*
-High level of antioxidant
-Has astringent properties
-Reduce the appearance of blemishes, dark spots & unwanted marks on the skin
-Improve the firmness of the skin







Geranium Oil*
-Has nourishing & healing properties
-Reduces marks, blemishes & scars on the skin
-Speeds up healing process because it stimulates blood circulation just below the surface of the skin
-Promotes the production & regulation of melanin (pigmentation)

 The mixture of Kaolin and Rhassoul Clays make it a gentle formula great for all skin types. Colloidal Oatmeal is an Ayurvedic ingredient that stimulates healing skin tissue that has been affected by infection or trauma. Another Ayurvedic ingredient, Sandalwood Powder is a great addition to this clay formulation helping all skin types, including those experiencing acne, psoriasis or eczema. From sensitive skin at any age to mature skin Rose Petal Powder benefits all skin types adding glow, toning and softening. Essential oils of rose and geranium heighten the serenity of this cleanse. (*Organic)