Ménage Á Tonic – Cleanses, Removes Makeup, & Hydrates


Ménage á Tonic, our yummy hydrating mist is a 3 way. This multi-tasking tonic is a facial toner, an eye make-up remover, or an aftershave!

Menage is our three way tonic. We got a little playful with the naming here. Ménage á Tonic works as an eye make-up remover, facial toner, and aftershave. Just shake & spray and rub for a delightful scent and smooth feeling to the skin! I developed ménage because I wanted a non chemical eye make-up remover that was gently moisturizing and not too oily because I’m a contact lens wearer and oil residue in the eye is not a good thing.

Our toner can provide a variety of benefits for the skin such as hydration, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties. Green tea and hemp oil provide antioxidant benefits, witch hazel and glycerin are humectants, lavender and rose provide soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, all the ingredients are organic, which can be beneficial for people with sensitive skin, avoiding harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

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Ingredients: anti-oxidizing, green tea, organic hemp oil, alcohol free witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, Bulgarian Lavender, and Rose Maroc.

Directions: To remove make up spray directly on face or small round cotton pad. Use cotton pad to gently wipe away make up. To use as a toner spray directly onto face and gently rub in. To use as an after shave spray directly onto to face after shaving, gently rub in.

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