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Heady intrigue & effortless travel. Awaken and focus. Opens with Lemon Peel, moves onto Ginger Lilly, Clary Sage, is grounded by Himalayan Cedar & finishes with Bergamot.

Ingredients: Lemon peel, ginger lily, kapur kachari, clary sage, himalayan cedar, bergamot


Benefits of the botanicals used in Psyche

Lemon Peel oil can decrease mental fatigue, and can aid in relieving exhaustion, anxiety, and nervous tension. It helps refresh the mind and can create a positive mind set. Inhaling lemon peel oil can increase concentration and alertness.

Ginger Lily oil is uplifting and can relive headaches and tension, clearing the mind and eliminating negative thoughts.

Clary Sage oil has a calming effect, can improve memory and stimulate mental activity.

Himalayan Cedar oil produces a calming effect on the mind, can relieve tension, anxiety, depression and has a positive uplifting effect on body and mind.

Bergamot oil has anti anxiety and anti depressant properties, is uplifting and can decrease negative thoughts. Inhaling this oil can increase energy levels and can increase mental stimulation.

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2 ML, 10 ML, 30 ML

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  1. Marilyn Gaul

    I adore this scent! I am a lover of cedar and bergamot and love the other ingredients that Donna has combined with them to create not only an enticing scent but also goodness for our minds, body and spirits. I find her prices very fair; especially given the highest and safest ingredients she sources.

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